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Thank you to 'Just The Trick' Design

After the disappointments of 2020 and what has been a tricky period for many, it was with jubilation that Falmouth Community Youth Football Club welcomed back over 100 children from their base at Falmouth School's Channel 4 pitch at the end of March. With the easing of lockdown restrictions allowing them to return to grassroots football, it was a welcome sight to see so many smiling faces happy to be back playing football. Club Chair Janine Kennedy said “We are all so happy to see the many children returning back to football after such an uncertain and challenging time for them and their families. The club was delighted to have unveiled our new branding and signage on Saturday, kindly sponsored by Just the Trick Design who has provided a strong identity for our newly erected Clubhouse. There was a really positive and spirited vibe."

Danny Trick owner and founder of Just the Trick Design said "The last year hasn't been easy for anyone, and during the lockdowns many have realised how important our local communities are to our way of life. We are proud to be able to support such a Community Club, and their ongoing success is a testament to the tireless work of many unsung heroes behind the scenes who have volunteered and given their time over the last 30 years. It's been fantastic to witness how they have in the last five years, restructured and repositioned local Football. What impresses me these days at Clubs like this is how important welfare and the mental health of their members are, the focus is not all about what happens on the pitch. An ethos we are proud to share. We look forward to supporting the Club for many years to come."

Photo: U8 Condors Team wearing their new Just The Trick sponsored jackets in front of the new Clubhouse.


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