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Our Youth Mental Health First Aiders

Record numbers of young people are struggling in the current epidemic of poor mental health in our society.

It is clear that young people are not getting the support they need.

Key figures in a young person’s life – parents, family members, teachers, tutors, carers, coaches , youth workers – can often spot when a young person is struggling but may not know how best to help.

Having completed the Mental Health First Aid Course we now have a group of 6 qualified Mental Health First Aiders at Falmouth Community Football Club who are on hand to help our club and all its members.

We are so proud of them all for completing the course and being able to represent our club in such an important way.

It is really important that you and your child know who they all are:

Caroline Moyses (Welfare Officer)

Hannah Martin (Welfare Officer)

Mark Averiss

Luchana Luckett

Michelle Bennett

Hannah McComb


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